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Vista Mini 2

Vista Mini 2

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The new XVape Vista Mini 2 Portable Dab Rig is the reinvention of an industry benchmark.  The XVape Vista Mini 2 is an aggressive update to an already impressive portable dab rig.  The Vista Mini 2 is a powerful and compact bubbler to vaporizer your favorite waxy oil concentrate. The impressive new device provides preset heat settings with LED indicators optimized for enthusiasts and all waxy oil concentrates varieties.  In addition, the kit includes a new revolutionary glass discovery carb cap, and an ergonomic flared mouthpiece to ensure comfort while dabbing.  The Vista Mini 2 also features a revolutionary AIO quartz crystal atomizer with short circuit protection, a premium removable glass bubbler, secure flow silicone seal, and all the features that made the original Vista great like wireless charging and haptic feedback are included. 

The XVape Vista Mini 2 is the ideal size for your workspace, coffee table or to travel with while on the move using the included storage case.  The impact resistant and smell proof carrying case will hold everything you need for a perfect dab session.  

The XVape Vista Mini 2 dab rig provides a plethora of features only offered in much more expensive devices. You shouldn’t pay more when you receive the same features with premium quality for less money from the XVape Vista Mini 2. 

Vista Mini 2 Compact Concentrate Vaporizer and Dab Rig

1st In Class Wireless Charging Concentrate Vaporizer

The engineers from XVape have developed one of the coolest features available for a dab rig: wireless charging. All that is required is a wireless charging pad, or power sharing from your cell phone, and your XVape Vista Mini 2 dab rig can recharge without the need for any cables.

Water Diffusion

The XVape Vista Mini is a concentrate dab vaporizer with a water bubbler. It holds a bit of water to cool the vapor, optimizing the flavor and vapor potency provided. The XVape Vista Mini 2 is second to none in the quality of vapor it produces.

Easy Replaceable Atomizer

A burned out and poor-performing atomizer is the nightmare every vaper dreads. XVape has made replacing the atomizer extremely simple and care free with a few simple twists. This technology will have you vaping again in seconds.

Product Features:

Handblown borosilicate removale glass bubbler
A secure flow silicone seal
4 variable heat settings with LED indication optimized for all concentrates
Industry first glass discovery carb cap, an ergonomically flared mouthpiece for superior comfort
A revolutionary AIO crystal quartz atomizer equipped with short circuit protection
Compact and portable
Wireless and USB charging ability
Haptic feedback
Smell-proof and Impact Resistant Carry Case
An average of 60 dabs per sessions
Rapid heat up in about under 10 seconds
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