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The Terpometer

The Terpometer

LCD Display Precise Temperature Read Out Built-In Dab Tool Quality Components Experience the best flavor and effects from your concentrates with this Terpometer thermometer and application tool. Stop guessing the perfect time to apply your essential oils and get it right every time. Not being able to judge heat perfectly every time is a source of frustration for many concentrate connoisseurs: Not anymore.  OEM Terpometer FeaturesWhile a vape might tell you the temperature, a nail or quartz banger doesn’t usually. Accuracy is most important with concentrates, and this is where the Terpometer steps in. The Terpometer application tool and thermometer has a variety of glaring advantages compared to other loading tools. Some of the main benefits include:Lights up green when the temperature isn’t perfectLED display tells you the temperature of the heated surface, whether it’s titanium, quartz or ceramic  Get the most out of every single toke with precise controlTrusted manufacturer Put an End to Guessing GamesMost concentrate and essential oil lovers are serious about getting each dab perfect. However, excellent tools like a quartz banger or nail might not have a temperature display like a vape or dab rig. This is where the Terpometer comes in. Its tip measures the temperature of a surface, showing you it on a digital display. Additionally, you’ll see a green circle when the temperature is just right for your particular concentrate. When this lights up on the Terpometer, take a hit and experience the perfect flavor and ultimate effects.   Precise and EfficientNot only do you get the most precise dabbing experience with the Terpometer, but you never waste a drop or shard of your concentrate. Quartz bangers are amazing pieces of equipment that can bring out the best in CBD and THC concentrates. However, you might waste some by hitting it at the wrong temperature and not getting the most out of each hit. The Terpometer puts an end to this.Get Perfect Dabs Every Time With the Terpometer With the Terpometer, you truly get the best out of your essential oil or concentrate every time.
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